Gaku worked for a very famous store which was a bar and also sold second hand clothes,
and Keiko was a stylist when they opened their Casselini store in 1983.
The store was opened in a small two-story wooden house on Cat Street in Harajuku.
They wanted a store that catered to a young audience
and feature affordable yet one of a kind clothes and accessories.
The merchandise at the store was full of second hand or vintage clothes
and antique accessories mainly from US.

Before long, they started selling original accessories,
which Keiko designed, at Casselini store as well as to other retail stores.
The original accessory line was well accepted, and they had decided to focus on the line as "Casselini".
The Casselini store in Harajuku began carrying only Casselini in 1987.

Since then, company has grown to own 5 brands including Me & Her.